The Winter Park Ski Education Foundation (WPSEF) was established in 1987 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.


The foundation was formed to:

  • Support the training of athletes and competitors in Alpine, All-Terrain, Freeski, Freestyle and Snowboard programs through the Winter Park Competition Center.

  • Develop, maintain and support the sport of ski and snowboarding competition.

  • Support entry-level programs for each of the above-mentioned areas.

  • Assist athletes, young and old, reach their potential and possibly fulfill their dreams of becoming a world-class competitor or even an Olympic champion.


The WPSEF provides both merit and need based support to athletes.  Over the past few years the foundation has been able to provide approximately $60,000 of annual support.

The WPSEF is run by a volunteer board of directors and works with the Winter Park Competition Center to facilitate various fund raising efforts.  


How can you help?

  • Choose WPSEF for your tax deductible donations this year.

  • Participate in your company’s matching funds program to leverage your support of the WPSEF.

  • Mark your calendar and join us for the Hike for Spencer in August each year.

  • Support the Competition Center Reunion held in April each year – the auction proceeds go to the WPSEF.

  • Contact us to get involved and offer your expertise.

Board of Directors:

Jerady Zunno, Tom Carey, Peggy Smith, Freddy Mooney, David Honeyfield, Stewart Goldenberg

Applications for athlete support of program and travel expenses are being accepted through October 1, 2019 for the 2019-2020 season and through May 15, 2020 for summer camp support.

Winter Park Ski Education Foundation

P.O. Box 192

Winter Park, CO 80482