The WPSEF has no staff and is an entirely volunteer run foundation.  The benefit of this is that all the funds raised go directly to work toward our mission.  However, the board can't do it all and we need help for events and other fund raising efforts. Please contact us to see how you can get involved.


Do you have a special skill or expertise that you feel could be helpful tot he WPSEF?  Maybe you are a professional grant writer or marketer or web designer... we would appreciate your professional knowledge.  Please contact us to see how you can help.


If your time is tight like most of us, you can still help the WPSEF.  The vast majority of our funding comes through donations.​ Are you a parent of an athlete or a past competitor or a fan of the ski sports and you appreciate the value of participation?  If this rings true, please donate now.


Winter Park Ski Education Foundation

P.O. Box 192

Winter Park, CO 80482